Mr. Stranger Boy


There was me and you, strangers


 On the web of loneliness,


Mosquitoes entrapped in sticky


Threads that reach out to our souls.




We wrote for hours, no one daring pause,


Our laughs were the color of old pals,


We knew so much but oh so little.


I can no longer find you anywhere




Since we were caught in the web


Of time, we had to be set free at


Midnight, like all the fairytales must


So good bye to you, mr. stranger boy




I’m sorry I could not stay, that the spell


Ran its course with you going from me,


I’m sorry for the words unsaid and the


Laughter yet to color the dreary sky.


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Comments (1)

  1. jojoholloway

    So beautiful. It really spoke to me.

    August 06, 2015